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Bali wedding- Rental collection

Are you more into neutral colours? That's possible! Then you'll love our new neutral-toned collection!

Make this your special day, and let us create your dreams!

This beautiful collection belongs to our rental collection, use our hexagon background in combination with our flowers and you will have the most perfect background for your wedding!

Sustainable flowers

We are giving more attention to our world and nature than ever before. That's why we created this collection. The flowers are used more than once. Hereby we reduce our emission and our raw materials.

Are you so in love with your flowers and do you want to keep your bouquet? That's possible! Because we use special treated flowers you can storage your bouquet a lifetime long!

Another tip: The flowers that you used in the morning (ceremony) can be reused in the evening program. As an example: the hexagon background can be reused as a Photo Booth in the evening. Hire our neon light and you are good to go!

Price-friendly collection

The advantage of our rent-assortment is the price. Because we can re-use our collection, it is sustainable and price-friendly. This way you will save money on your flowers so you can use it as a cash cushion, for your dress or your wedding venue!

  • White colored flowerpot eyecatcher €195,- (suitable in other color collections)

  • Groom corsage €15,- (for sale)

  • Velvet couch €75,-

  • Hexagon gazebo €95,-

  • 2x gazebo piece, per piece €75,-

  • 12x chairflower vase, tableflowervase per piece €11,50

  • 1x XL flowerpiece €195,-

  • table / ground flowerpiece medium €45,-

  • elongated drawing table flowerpiece €29.50

  • flowers for welcome sign €20,-

  • flowers for stand weddingofficial €20,-

  • Small goldcolored flowerpot included with flowers €45,-

  • Guestcorsage € 8,95 (for sale)

  • Handmade flower crown made with silk ribbon €129,50 (for sale)

  • Bridesmaids Bouquet €60,- (for sale)

  • Bridesbouquet, custom made €175,- (for sale)

Some pieces are not included in the pictures, if you want some more information, feel free to contact us!

We love this collection!

How about you? let us know!

Location: @wetnwildalphen Weddingplanner: @a.taste.of.italy.weddings Photographer: @wat.een.plaatje Videographer: Flowerdecoration/styling:@BloemenserviceNederland Weddingdress: @weddingbruidsmode Suit: @omaggiohouseoftailors Weddingrings: @ringsoflove_trouwringenthuis Wedding official: @thingsoflove_trouwambtenaar Sweettable: @mykitchenplayground.weddings Visagie: @touchofglowvisagie_ Photobooth: @feestphotobooth Drinks: Magician: ariementiszarreen


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