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Sweetheart colorparty - Rental collection

Do you love beautiful, vibrant colors? Then the Sweetheart Colorparty is the perfect rental collection for you! Lots of color combined with a romantic atmosphere? We create it just for you! Take a quick look at the pictures of this stunning collection!

This beautiful backdrop is adorned with stunning colors of roses. Combine it with our velvet bench, and you'll have a gorgeous combination for the most exquisite ceremony.

Did you know?

Different colored roses symbolize different meanings. In this collection, the blue rose takes center stage. They hold a special meaning that I'm going to share with you today! These blue roses represent mystery and excitement, making them perfect for a wedding! Whether it's during the first look or the ceremony where you'll see each other shining in your finest attire for the first time.

These used flowers have been specially treated to ensure their longevity. This means you'll have flowers that look and feel real but last as long as dried flowers. So, you can enjoy your bridal bouquet at home for a long time!

Can you see yourself shining on your big day with this beautiful collection? Take a look at the price list below and avoid any surprises! Or check out our webshop! Here, you can explore all our different collections and gather inspiration.

  • White French pots with eyecatcher - €195 (can also be placed in other pots)

  • Groom's corsage - €15 (purchase)

  • Toffee velvet wedding tray - €75

  • 2x Prieelstuk - €75 each

  • 12x Chair posy/table vase - €11.50 each

  • 1x XL ground piece/flower arrangement - €195

  • Medium-sized ground piece/table arrangement - €45

  • Backdrop - €795 Long table centerpiece (drawing table) - €29.50

  • Welcome sign posy - €20

  • Posy for standard wedding official stand - €20 (no photo available, but item is available)

  • Mini gold-colored jar with flower arrangement - €45

  • Guest corsages made of dried flowers - €8.95 (purchase)

  • Handmade flower crown with silk ribbons - €129.50 (purchase)

  • Bridesmaid bouquet - €60 (purchase, no photo available, but item is available)

  • Custom-made bridal bouquet - €175 (purchase)

  • Set of two wooden brown-colored lanterns - €14.50 per set of two

Here's another option from our new collection! It features two arbor pieces, combined with a medium-sized ground piece and an XL ground piece. And don't forget the stunning arbor cloth! ! Within this collection, there are countless possibilities, and everything is custom-made for your big day.

Later in the day, use this beautiful backdrop as a photobooth background and steal the show! You can also choose to have a special backdrop and add a neon light to it. Combine it with the two eyecatchers from the ceremony, and you're all set! (Refer to the example in the second photo gallery, second row, middle photo)

Feel free to get creative with your decor and make your wedding day truly unforgettable!

We're absolutely in love with this collection and its stunning colors! What do you think about it? Let us know!

P.S. Curious to see how this collection looks on film? Check it out here!


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