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Rental collection - Citrus chic

This rental collection is made of real flowers. You can rent them, and they look just like real flowers, but then for an affordable price! It's like winning the lottery!

Citrus Chic is one of our latest creations, and take a look at the picture below, is it not like magic?

This beautiful collection consists of various rental and purchase items to make your dream wedding come true! The purchase items are different small accessories that we specially create for you, such as a bouquet or a groom corsage. We ensure that everything is styled to perfection and tailored to your needs.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect with this collection, here is a list below:

  • Eyecatching ground installation €195 (visible on the ground near the table. Can also be placed on a pedestal)

  • Groom's corsage €15 (for purchase)

  • Baby blue velvet wedding basket €75

  • 2x arch centerpiece at €75 each (visible in the showroom but not in the photo)

  • 12x chair arrangement/table vase at €11.50 each

  • 1x XL ground installation/flower arrangement at €195 (can later be placed on a tall frame on the bridal table, see other photo)

  • 4x Medium ground installation/table centerpiece at €45 each (can optionally be placed on a glass vase with lemons for an additional cost)

  • Backdrop €595

  • Various lanterns €8.95 each

  • Long table arrangement drawing table €29.50

  • Arrangement for welcome sign €15

  • Arrangement for wedding officiant's stand (no photo available, but item is available)

  • Mini golden vase with flower arrangement €45

  • Guest corsages made of dried flowers €8.95 (for purchase)

  • Handmade flower crown with silk ribbons €129.50 (for purchase)

  • Bridesmaid bouquet €60 (for purchase, no photo available but item is available)

  • Custom-made bridal bouquet €175 (for purchase)

  • Flower decorations for the cake on the left and right sides, €75


This collection is not only great for your wallet but also fantastic for the environment! It is sustainable as it is used for multiple weddings. In this way, both, you and I contribute to the world. We always strive to choose the best solutions for you, while also considering the environment!

Fresh- or a Dried Bouquet?

In this collection, you can choose between a fresh- and a dried bouquet. On the left, you can see the fresh bouquet, and on the right, the dried bouquet. Can you spot the difference?

The greatest thing about the dried bouquet is that you can display it in your home for as long as you like.

Which one would you choose? Left or right? Let us know in the comments!

To complete your special day, we can also beautifully adorn your wedding cake. We will provide the flowers, and your baker will ensure that the whole picture is perfectly finished.

Can you already envision your special day in this theme? Take a look at our webshop, where you'll find all the prices and know exactly what you'll be spending on your decorations! It's good to have that information, isn't it?


Wedding concept & planning: @amorinoweddings

Wedding stylist: @loveismagicnl

Videography: @azzurrofilms

Stationery: @leintjesnl

Hair and make-up: @bystudioflorence

Bridal kimono: @leolive

Silk Ribbons:

Limoncello: @limoncelloindebus


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